Change Your Diet To Reduce Sweaty Hands

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Bad news for lovers of spicy foods: these foods not only stimulate your blood flow and get your heart racing, but they also cause your body to up its production of sweat dr erfan rahbar reviews. Try to eliminate spicy foods in favor of milder fruits and vegetables, and you may find yourself with dryer hands. 


An unfortunate aspect of this cure is the amount of time it takes to work; if you are particularly fond of spicy foods, it will take time for your body to purge itself and thus results will be quite gradual.

Astringents are Your Friend

Of all the hand sweating cures out there, the use of astringents is likely the most popular. There are a number of astringent foods, supplements and wipes on the market that can help to reduce your sweating. 

Sage and green teas both contain natural astringents, and many swear by soaks in sage-infused water. For those that prefer a wipe, using cucumber juice, lemon juice, or even egg whites on a hand wipe can help to dry out the skin quickly. Use of astringents in drinks or food is recommended, though, as these products can more or less begin the drying process from within your body.

If you are looking for home remedies for sweaty hands, you should be pleased to know that there are a number available. Whether you choose to drink more water, use natural astringents or merely avoid spicy foods, you can reduce the dampness on your palms. Some of these cures take time to work, and they always vary from individual to individual. With a little work, though, you can find a remedy that suits your particular needs.